Why Monevia?

Monevia is a perfect solution for the needs of micro, small and medium size enterprises, within the scope of receivables financing and business support.

We support financially companies that issue a several invoices per month or those with small amounts.


Instead of credit

Monevia provides cash immediately, even just after issue date of invoices, without any additional formalities and long-term cooperation agreements.


Cash flow

Monevia makes the rotation of receivable short. It’s an excellent tool to support the company’s growth and competitiveness, as well as its financial security.


Speed and flexibility

Monevia clients have free choice: they can sell any number of invoices, even those with low amounts and any time when they need a cash.


Mobility and accessibility

Monevia is a modern and completely free of charge platform, which provides user-friendly and straightforward on-line operations.